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Shootings near University of Central Florida (UCF)

More Gun Violence on UCF Student Housing Apartment Complex Grounds

Cops: Shots Fired Amid Argument at East Orlando Apartment Community

April 2015 is ending with an alarming level of violence and gang related activity near Florida’s largest University located in East Orange County. The University of Central Florida Community is talking about the latest shooting incident at a residential area where students live. Several shootings have now taken place in the area and the level of concern is growing along with the level of risk.

According to local media reports, on the evening of Thursday, April 23, sheriff’s deputies were called to a complex near the UCF campus to respond to reports of gunshots on the property.

“Shots were fired near Red Iris Lane at Campus Crossings Thursday night, deputies at the student-apartment complex said. UCF student Stephanie Smith told KnightNews.com she heard arguing, then four or five shots from her apartment. Two shots pierced a door at the complex, allowing a clear view into the apartment. Deputies said no one was hurt in the incident and no one has been arrested. “

Fortunately, in this shooting incident nobody has been reported to have been injured. Stray bullets ripped through the door of a nearby apartment. People in the area were lucky not to have been hit by the gunfire. In this case, local media reports indicated that the witness to this attack was unwilling to cooperate with police, and so far there have not been any arrests made. The frequency of violent incidents on or near residential properties where University of Central Florida students reside has many people wondering what can be done to protect themselves. Local media has reported on the list of incidents that have occurred recently. Also according to reports, controversy has arisen from the lack of notice to new prospective students who are moving into apartment complexes that have been the location of violent criminal activity.  Parents of students have complained about the problem. Paladin Security has reported on another recent, similar incident of crime in this area in this blog. Click here to see the other post.

This problem has been escalating over the past year and now local authorities are moving to stem the violent crime in the area.

“Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said his department is about to go public with a series of crime-fighting initiatives with UCF police to fight off-campus violence, including targeted enforcement in off-campus complexes.”

(Source: https://www.wesh.com/news/new-crimereducing-efforts-coming-to-ucf-area-orange-county-sheriff-says/32646008)

We will all be standing by to see what new initiatives the Orange County Sherriff’s Office is going to implement. They are a very effective agency and are sure to provide enhanced enforcement efforts. However, law enforcement agencies cannot be expected to tackle this problem by themselves. Property owners are responsible for the residents safety in the face of these risks and with the rising levels of violent crime they have choices to make. There are solutions available to the owners and managers of these residential communities.  Many times, it takes proactive measures to control the risks from violent crime at apartment complexes. When teams of well trained, armed security officers are actively patrolling a property, criminal activity and incidents like these decrease. High quality security companies can work with both the local law enforcement agencies and with property management authorities to identify and then remove problem residents and control access to the property. We hope that the operators of these apartment communities will take the measures that will cut down the risks and make these places safer to live in order to protect lives.