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Paladin Security is uniquely qualified to provide armed security guard services at high-threat sites. We don’t just make empty claims, our past performance record in difficult high risk assignments demonstrates Paladin Security’s ability to generate quality outcomes for our clients. Our organizational culture of excellence in this field sets us apart from the “warm body” approach to security services that has plagued the security guard industry in the past. If your needs are beyond the capability of typical armed guards that are often poorly paid, poorly motivated, and poorly managed, Paladin Security offers clients the high quality alternative that they seek. From US government agencies to private sector users, when organizations need results, Paladin Security has delivered exceptional service in some of the most challenging environments.
The key differentiators that enable Paladin Security to lead the market in the private security field is our exacting security officer selection procedures, specialized training, high quality equipment, and a dedicated management team. Our selection procedures exceed the industry standard. In addition to our standard background investigation, reference checks, we specifically seek candidates with prior field experience in high risk environments, preferably in the military or law enforcement. Personnel recruited for armed security service assignments far exceed the normal requirements established by local or state regulations.
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When the risk situation calls for highly trained, well equipped, and well managed uniformed officers, Paladin Security officers provide users with an alternative to the traditional “warm body” security guard approach. Paladin Security officers are carefully selected for service in high risk environments.

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In addition to the training required for local licensing, Paladin Security officers receive specialized training that enables them to be safe and effective when providing armed security guard services. Candidates for security assignments participate in extensive security officer training on the lawful use of force and the proper care, custody, and use of company-authorized firearms. Our security officers receive training on documentation and report writing to ensure that our clients’ interests are protected and risks are reduced. Our armed security guards are required to receive continuous and ongoing company provided training that sharpens skills and allows our team to deliver quality outcomes in a safe, ethical, and lawful manner.
Prior to joining our team, all Paladin Security officers undergo over 60 hours of mandatory training that includes the following topics: legal issues and liability for the security officer, basic first aid, fire suppression, emergency procedures, crime prevention, professional communication, ethics, patrol techniques, observation techniques, report writing, interview methods, accident prevention, terrorism awareness, lawful use of force, firearms safety and mechanics, civil liability, handgun marksmanship, care and maintenance of firearms, and other specialized topics. In addition to the above training, all Paladin armed security guards annually re-qualify with their firearms and document their continued capability to safely and competently use the firearms they carry while on duty. Training is one of the differences between a professional security officer and the” warm body” security guard. We seek clients who know the difference and require quality service. Paladin armed security officers are deployed when clients require high levels of professionalism and capability and our continued training ensures our ability to deliver best in class protective services.
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All Paladin Security officers are issued premium equipment to assist them in the performance of duties. Every Paladin Security officer is issued company owned equipment that is similar to equipment that is commonly issued to uniformed law enforcement officers. Paladin Security uniformed security teams are equipped with company supplied smartphones with specialized applications that assist the security officers in the performance of their duties including communication with management and client points of contact, report writing, evidence collection, and time and attendance functions.