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New Florida Data Breach Law

As of July 2014, Florida has adopted a new state statute (Fla. Stat. § 501.171) that contains provisions that require companies and organizations to take measures to secure and safeguard computer systems that contain personal information.

“Businesses and government entities that collect personal information of individuals “in Florida” should consider updating their incident response plans — or at least ensure that they have one. Such plans are particularly important in light of the amendments, both because they can significantly reduce breach investigation and response time, and they may need to be produced to the Florida AG.

Florida also joins a number of other states in now requiring “reasonable measures to protect and secure” personal information, along with secure disposal requirements. As such, businesses and government entities that collect personal information of individuals “in Florida” will need to have adopted and implemented an appropriate data security and destruction program compliant with the act.”

Source: https://www.law360.com/articles/553234/what-makes-florida-s-new-data-breach-law-unique

Many organizations are cognizant of the risks from physical security breaches, but do not have the measures in place to enhance information security. Paladin Security offers comprehensive protection services including information security consulting. Please contact our experts at 407.218.6528 to discuss how Paladin Security can assist in the hardening of your information infrastructure.

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