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Orlando Suspect's Mugshot

Gun suspect arrested while having sex in back seat of SUV at Orlando area Apartment Complex

An Orlando apartment complex that has had a history of difficulties was the location on Friday April 10 of an arrest of an armed man who was literally caught with his pants down.  According to media reports Orlando Police were responding to a report of a man wearing camouflage pants walking around in the area with a gun in his hand, when they discovered Jaudohn Hicks in a compromised position.

“When 27-year-old Hicks was ordered to get out of the SUV and lay on the ground, the officer noticed that he “had camouflage pants down around his ankles.”

Also according to reports a pistol and drugs were found in the vehicle.

You may ask yourself what sort of community would these sorts of arrests take place in? Well would you believe the below photograph is taken from this apartment complex’s website:


You may be thinking “It doesn’t look like the sort of place that has guys walking around with guns and drugs who might get caught by the police having sex in a parked vehicle on property”. But, that is what is reported. This is another example of how crime problems will escalate in an area that doesn’t respond to repeat incidents by contracting with a quality private armed security company to patrol the property. The only way to control risks and deter criminal activity is to face the threat with the proper countermeasures. According to the 911 police records that our analysts researched, this apartment complex has had multiple calls for service involving a shooting, batteries, and disturbances just in the past 30 days before this guy was reportedly walking around with a gun in his hand and having sex in a vehicle parked right in front of people’s homes. Would you want to pay to live in a community with those issues? Would you renew your lease here?

If the complex management had quality, trained, armed security officers  patrolling this property and focused on deterring criminal activity, it is very unlikely this incident and others that have happened on this property in the past few weeks would have occurred at all. Many times, apartment complex operators choose not to invest the funds to source the correct solution. This is a mistake.  In the current environment of internet and social media, the reputations of these sorts of properties are tarnished quickly in the market.  If a person is harmed by criminal activity, legal liability can result for the owners and management if there was a history of ongoing crime. Large multimillion dollar judgements and settlements have been paid by Owners and management companies who have been found to be negligent by failing to provide the correct security measures.

Paladin Security has proven that it has the capability to help communities like this one get control of the situation and bring criminal activity to near zero. Our armed security officers are trained, equipped, and led in a way that produces quality outcomes. Owners and management companies have turned to our team to protect their communities from these sorts of problems. The armed security officers on our patrol teams are not the typical “rent a cops” – they are professionals who are dedicated to the mission and who take pride in helping to keep communities and businesses safe. Many are veterans of the US military who have proven themselves in difficult situations.  All of them have extensive training and are focused on safe, ethical and effective performance. If your community needs our service, we can help. Contact our experts to consult with you to find the correct solution.

Source: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-gun-arrest-backseat-sex-20150413-story.html