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Security guard apprehending a criminal

Apartment Complex Crime

In an apartment complex, crime touches residents, staff and the surrounding community. Anytime you suspect that a tenant is breaking the law — using your property for an unintended purpose — owners and their management agents should take steps to end the tenancy. If they don’t, they are putting the property owner and/or management organization at risk for lawsuits should anyone be injured. So get help. Call the police. Report any crime that you are aware of. Hire a qualified security provider who is experienced with residential security and will work with the management team.  Leverage the security service to write daily reports to create a paper trail that demonstrates only breaches of the lease, community rules, and violations of the law before terminating the lease. Documentation will help you make your case. Using a security service on the premises will send a strong message to the criminal element that the owner and management are not going to tolerate continued criminal activity.

A landlord’s liability for criminal activities varies depending on the state. In Florida, the law demands that landlords evict lawbreaking tenants or they are subject to possible civil liability, fines and other sanctions. In an apartment complex, crime affects the lives of tenants, owner liability, and the surrounding community.